Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random post-it notes of our lives...

Have you ever noticed that life is rather boring to right about when life is back to the normal you know? At least, when you want to write about it to let people know that you're healthy and living, it all looks rather mundane in print.

Sunday of the Ick week was the worst. The Professor was still not feeling his best - and everyone else was suffering from cabin fever. The Professor tried being among the rambunctious, but just hadn't recovered enough. It was too cold and wet in the yard after the great thaw to send them outside. So the professor ended up back in the bed room.

Monday, turned out to be pretty normal. It was speech therapy day. So J-man and I headed off leaving my Mom with the other kids. We came back with "Clown food" (mcD's) for lunch. Then Mom went off to visit Grandad in the hospital. She suddenly came back a couple hours later because her cell phone was malfunctioning. She had planned on using my phone to call my brother who is the cell phone guru. She and I ended up eating dinner at Subway and then heading to the pet store for hamster supplies. I needed hamster supplies, not mom.

So in the midst of that we call my brother and we plan to meet him to go see the movie "Taken".

After the movie, The Professor and I stay up and make a list of home improvements that need to happen.

Isn't that what everyone does when the house has been sick all week?

Our list. wanna hear about it? Of course you don't. So I'll try to make it short.
When we moved in the house 9 years ago on April 15th, we noted a broken window. It looks like a bb gun or rock had connected with the window. We didn't see it until we moved in. I rarely look at it now - because it's hidden behind a curtain, which is hidden behind the tv. The Professor has decided that this needs to be fixed.

Mmmm...kay. I'm amused.

Our siding on the chimney is rotting. It has been - because the water just runs right down the sides - but it's getting worse, as wood rot does. It didn't help that the chimney got struck by lightning a year or so back.

So we're getting estimates on replacing the siding and painting it to match.
I have wondered why haven't done this sooner.

We HATE the light over the table. We are going to get it replaced. FINALLY!!! Whoever fixes the siding will replace that light for us. YAY!!

I want to paint the bathrooms.

The Garage door is broken. Has been for a few months it just stopped going up and down. In mid lift. So the Professor had to take it off the track and it's not manual only.
Along with being broken, it's also "not to code".
There's no sensor in this model that will make the door retract should something small (like a child) get under the door as it's going down.

So We're getting that fixed and sensored tomorrow.

After an incident that happened last week, one home improvement that was done this week was to get the dog groomed. I think he lost 5 pounds - just in hair.

It's not a home improvement, but Mini-Me is working extra hard on extra school work. My mom arranged things that if the kids would get ahead in school work that she would come get them for a slumber party. We decided that a week ahead would be good. So we've been getting a week ahead in 3 subjects. Mini-Me is succeeding quite nicely, too. And she finds grammar quite easy.

So that's been our week back to our form of normal after being sick. Monday wasn't very productive because of Speech Therapy. Tuesday we needed to get the tag replaced on the van and run an errand. and I made phone calls.

It just sounds rather bland. I don't think I made my home improvements sound as good as some people.

It's funny what you do after being thrown off your groove for an entire week. It took us two days to find our groove back in school work - the laundry is another matter, entirely.

I guess if it wasn't, I'd have to change the name of my blog.


Mrs. Darling said...

Days like this are ordinary and blessed. This is what real life is about. It was nice catching up with you.

CrossView said...

It doesn't read as "mundane"! And with your "to-do" list it sounds downright busy....

Growin' with it! said...

i think mundane means you have nothing to talk about...this stuff was interesting. and the best one? clown food...hadn't heard that one! pretty funny.

Burb Bunny said...

I tried to roar, but all that came out was a cross between a wheeze and a sniffle. A whiffle?

There are several things that could use some improving around here... Just waiting for spring. :o)

The Gang's Momma said...

Gimme boring! I love boring! Boring means I actually got something done around here :)

Glad you are all recovered and on the way back to normal!

Tammi Kay said...

I'm beginning to think I won't have a 'plain old boring day' until everyone moves out and I live in one of those senior citizen homes where they do all of the maintainence for you. Just my luck, I'll be too old to enjoy it then. I guess that's why we're supposed to be content in ALL circumstances, huh? Yeah, now if only I could remember to do that!
Here's wishing just a little bit of 'normal' to get you through the month.