Friday, February 27, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

In my best "TV news person" voice -- (because I'm a dork)

This is Ima Dork, reporting live from the Laundry Pile, where everyone is currently sleeping all tucked in their beds. We are following leads to see if Sugar plums are involved, but as of right now, the reports are sketchy.

We do know that Picture day is tomorrow. Comfy Denim has been picking and choosing through the Laundry Pile wardrobes to find the perfect set of clothes that will depict the personality of the family - and not look ridiculous at the same time.
We will be following up on this lead tomorrow. Stay tuned.

There was a minor change to the family's schedule this week when they had to do without the Professor for 2 days.
Apparently, a store was sinking.
A slow sink, mind you, but sinking is sinking and the professor was called to inspect. He managed to reassure the people on site that the problem is, indeed, fixable. We are awaiting further reports to see if chaos and a general freaking out was avoided. An unnamed source tells us that the chaos and freaking had already happened.

Thursday a bit of an oddity to the Laundry Pile. Shaggy, the dog, has developed a limp. He's been tripping over his own feet for about a week, it seems, but this is the first time a limp was seen. It caused a bit of a stir in the family. Prayers were sent up, hands were laid on the pup and an appointment was made with the vet.

The professor, who was sorely missed, was greeted upon his return, with the option of getting children ready for pictures or taking Shaggy to the vet. Both appointments had been made for Saturday. He opted for the vet trip.

We did some checking on the well being of the dog for our update. We discovered that, today, Shaggy has opted to sit. Or lie. Or sit and lie.
He followed the mom of the house around constantly. Either to be right next to her. Or right at her feet. Or best yet, in her lap.
We are unsure, at this time, if he was seeking protection or comfort.
As he slept most of the day and he was unable to comment.

Monday was a bit confusing in the Laundry Pile. The family trekked out to visit the pediatrician for a well check visit for the newly minted 3-year-old. It was not easy getting the family into the van. The dog escaped from the house and made a dash for ... well, we're not sure where he was going. He was forthcoming with the information refusing to talk to the press. After that delay, the family drove the 25 minutes to the pediatricians office. It was not a quiet ride. 4 year old tantrums could be heard even in the press van as the 4 year old accused everyone of not liking him. Which, the family assured him, was a total fabrication on his part and he might as well get used to not having his way.

The family arrived at the office to find out that the appointment had been scheduled for Tuesday. Not Monday. Oxygen levels in the area were drastically depleted as the Mom heaved a giant sigh and canceled the Tuesday appointment. Tuesday was the day the chimney repairs were to start. The family did manage to make it home in most solitude after stopping to get Comfy a Diet Coke solace.

Monday continued without much happening. At all. Comfy Denim just sniffed at us with much disdain when we questioned as to why.

Tuesday morning, right after breakfast, G-man was heard to SHOUT, "SOMEONE'S in OUR back yard." The family could be seen swiveling quickly to look, the dog wasted no time in scurrying outside to great the strangers. It is apparent to this reporter, the dog likes strangers. Pretty soon, from our vantage point, we could see all the Denim children watching from the window as the workers began the repairs on the chimney. We could hear them exclaim as we all watched the outside wooden siding be torn away from the chimney. Comfy Denim was reported to be mumbling to herself, "THAT doesn't look good at all."

Our source tells us that the wood rot that had generated from water run off from the roof, had seeped through the wooden siding and into the wood underneath. The contractors stood and looked with very serious countenances. Comfy could be heard praying.

"Why are you praying??" G-man asked.
"Because those faces look very serious." Said Mom.

The contractor made a phone call. He tapped the wood. Walked around a bit. Then tapped on the back door. He offered the verdicts: Rotten & Extra money.

There was nothing the mom could do but laugh and give the go ahead.
the contractors made another phone call. And left.

They returned 2 hours later with more wood - and the boss. The arrival of "the Boss" of the company created quite a stir in the Denim household. Would this mean more money? Was the problem really worse than first thought? We sent a team to investigate.

Luckily, only half the wall board was rotten. The rest was fine. The work continued and would not cost as much extra as first allowed. However, school work was put on hold. The kids were heard to exclaim MUCH, "Wow!" "What are they doing now?" "Did you see that?" "They're on the roof!" "Man that's loud" "Look at that wood!".

The repairs continued the next day with finishing the upper part of the chimney siding and painting. While two contractors cleaned up supplies and debris outside, two came inside for the replacement of a light in the dining "area". G-man watched with much interest, informing the workers, "I want to be a builder when I grow up."

Among other news, it was not a quiet week where relational issues were concerned. 4 year old tantrums and 3 year old tyranny often clashed with each other and onto the siblings. Luckily, peace was maintained. Often, peace comes in the form of a very loud mommy. This reporter knows now, not to get on the bad side of the Denim mom. Though, this reporter's heart was touched when forgiveness was asked for and received.

Saturday looks to be another interesting day here in our reporting. As I said, we will be following several stories. It promises to be very cold with rain and snow possible.

We will be hear to report further developments to these stories and more...
right here on the TMI network.

This is Ima Dork, signing off


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Holly said...

Oh my goodness-what a time you've had. I loved reading this "report." Hope you have a nice peaceful day where nothing at all happens. Holly

Dapoppins said...

Well, it is Saturday, and I am awaiting the next report. Are the four year old and three year old still clashing? Is there a hole in your wall? Did you ever get the well check appointment? Will the doggy survive?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Mother Mayhem said...

Thank you, Ima.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Thanks for the update Ms Dork. I am behind here as I have had a busy week myself. I now know why you had to have your chimney replaced and got caught up on the concern with Shaggy.