Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Father's Dragon

We got our first box yesterday from the result of my book-ordering marathon last week. This was all reading books that seemed like a good idea. And among them were "My Father's Dragon". Mini-Me looked through the few reading books. She almost chose "The Borrowers" (a favorite of mine) but instead chose, My Father's Dragon. She has not put it down. I'll post pictures in a bit.

"Lions are especially fond of chewing gum."

She came to me, at one point, and asked, "ARE Tigers especially fond of chewing gum?" and I, having never read the book, read the passage she referred to. After all, I had no idea if they were fond of chewing gum or not.

I grinned and told her that Tigers, in real life, don't really like to eat gum - but she should keep reading - it gets better.

"As fond as we are of chewing gum, we're sure we'd like you even better!"

She has giggled and laughed...and said "This book is full of things that are not true" -

".... If you keep on chewing it long enough it will turn green, and then if you plant it, it will grow more chewing gum..."

But it's a fun story, I remind her. And she grins and goes back to reading. She's currently in her closet reading. (She can avoid disturbing brothers in her closet.)

She's reading and I'm loving this.

I'm raising a biblio-holic!!

Yesterday was quite amusing. Mini-Me had a picture appointment - and it took us 2 hours. It was not the fault of the photographer - but of the manager and I just don't know how to complain adequately. Considering this studio has a district manager that's a turkey.

So our morning was gone.

And then our afternoon was gone. Partly because I chose to do nothing and sit there... (Thanks Quirky Quote Contest!) ... for just a wee bit that turned into longer than just a "wee". And we had challenges only little kids can bring.

We tried to do some schoolwork once the professor came home and we ate dinner.

At one point, the professor was playing with J-man to entertain him out of our way, Mini-E snuck in and discovered the cat box. ICK!! It looks like a sand box, I know. It looks like fun, I know. And it's only fun for her. It gives the Professor the heebie jeebies and just creates more work for a grown up. Cleaning her - and cleaning the floor.

It was an interesting glimpse The Professor had into our school and the little-kid challenges we face. And one day, I'll figure out how to handle these challenges myself. Probably in time for them to change. Because that's how it is in the Laundry pile, you know, everything cycles through.

I just told myself a funny.

"Everything cycles through" - so I guess my question is "bleach, or no bleach?" - "Fabric softener or not?"

Fabric softener! Definitely! Unscented, though. Scented makes the Professor sneeze.


Jenn4Him said...

Hello. I just tried to update/change my blogline subcription so that I can stay connected and it won't let me subscribe to your new blog location. Now I know it knows your RSS because you have a Blogline button on your side bar. Just wanted to vent! Technology is a curse. Title of my new blog.

Jenn4Him said...

OK. I am better now. It's all taken care of. No worries. Carry on!

Cristina said...

I have to stay with HSB a little longer. They finally turned on javascript and I was able to get the counter to work. :o)
I love "My Father's Dragon!" Because of my son's love of dragons, I've probably read or had him read just about every dragon story out there (within his reading level). But this book is a keeper. It is so sweet.
Has she read "The Phantom Tollbooth?" If she likes "My Father's Dragon" she'll probably enjoy The Tollbooth.
Peace and Laughter,
P.S.-I'm saving your blog to my bookmarks. I wouldn't want to lose one of my favorite bloggers!Who would I discuss cartoons with?

ThoughtfulMom said...

I started reading My Father's Dragon aloud one day last week, and after he stopped screaming at me that he didn't WANT me to read, #2 was begging for more when I quit reading 45 minutes later because my voice was tired. It's a great book. We'll be reading it at bedtime soon.

Love the pics! Mini-You looks more like you than ever when she has her nose in a book. :)