Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Funny Day

Today is Thursday, isn't it? Definitely Thursday. Calendar says so. I went to church last night (on Wednesday). There were people there - so it had to be Wednesday. I mean, if I'd gone on a different night, I'm sure we would have been mostly alone.

This morning we went to get Mini-E's pictures taken at a Penney's portrait studio. My normally smiley child chose not to smile. My baby that loves to play with beads - did not want to play with the beads we took. She played a bit, we did manage to get a few good shots, but still it just wasn't normal for her. She's usually all smiles and jabbers - and giggles.

The look she gave the photographer was more of a "Yeah, you're nice. Now let me down." kind of look.

So we came home and had a late breakfast. We hung out for a bit until lunch time and at nap time, I was tired - and took a nap. Sometimes I just doze off with J while he's sleeping and wake up after a power nap. Today I was OUT. Until the doorbell rang. G ran in and said "Mom, there's a lady with a book at the door!"

Remember, I was OUT of it. I rarely sleep that hard when it's just me and the kids. "Do we know her?" was my question. "No." was his reply. Okay. I was confident in the fact that I had instructed the kids not to answer the door without my permission - or unless it's their grandparents. So I said -- "Then she can go away."

I never expected him to answer the door and tell her so. Now that I"ve pondered it all day - it is rather amusing. I have no idea if the lady was a sales person or trying to witness as to her beliefs. I may never know -- though I believe if it's important she'll come back.

So we had to have a discussion AGAIN. about NOT answering the door. Mini-me said "But G said that you said..." So he and I had a discussion about THAT...and after a while, Mini-Me told me "I feel like I've been tricked by a 6-year old."

That was really pretty amusing, considering she's 8.

So The Professor comes home from his training. And we talked about me making a run to the store for bottled water. He said "You've got something going tomorrow night, don't you?" and I looked at the calendar and saw that it said "Pics for E - 9am". So I looked at the next calendar day - I said "No - I have the church thing tomorrow"
He said, "You mean Saturday?"

Needless to say - I was early for my picture appointment. 24 hours early. I called to make sure they knew I wasn't coming in the morning - and the gal that answered the phone was the same gal who took E's pictures. I thanked her for not treating me like an idiot. *L* She said that she, herself, had just noticed what happened about 15 minutes prior to my call. Well, that's God for you. Apparently the people that were supposed to be there today, Thursday, didn't come. Maybe they'll come tomorrow, Friday, instead.

Today is Thursday. Today is Thursday. Thursday. Thursday. Thursday.

Another Funny Day momnet came tonight.
Mini-Me and I went to the store (Sam's Club) and we found the new Backyardigan's DVD something about Volcano Sisters and bought the Professor "Casino Royale" (A very good Bond movie, BTW). And water and hamburger meat and few other sundries. On the way out of the store we apparently dropped The Volcano sisters. I thought maybe we'd left it in the store and we were going to go back in and ask.

A fellow came up to me while we were unloading our cart, "Excuse me, did you just buy a DVD?"
"Yes!! I said thinking he was in line behind me. "Can you describe it?" Odd question, but I said "It was something about 'Volcano Sisters'." He pulled it from behind him and gave it to me. It had fallen off our cart on the way out of the store.

I was so thrilled! I told Mini-Me, "See? God's watching out for us!" and the man, walking away, said "Yep."

Oh - A brief schooling update. We're still memorizing the months and days of the week - and learning about calendars and seasons - and the symbols of each month that KONOS has listed. And today I noticed that our tree was coming off the wall. Mini-E has been helping it, I believe. And I mentioned it to The Professor - and Mini-Me said, "I guess we need to finish the months quickly"

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday.
And God is still on The Throne and He loves me!!
So I guess- it doesn't matter what day it is - It's a good day!!
But should you see me and I have that perplexed look on my face,
would you tell me what day it is?


ThoughtfulMom said...

HA! I didn't know what day it was for most of the day today either. Mostly because I am in a amajor sleep deficit.

I'm sorry E was a stinker at Penney's. Was the photographer good? I need to go pick up my pictures - they came back on Tuesday, and I haven't had a chance to do that yet.

Deena said...

LOL!! We used to have the "Don't answer the door" talk quite frequently...almost as often as the "Don't answer the phone" talk! Oh, the does get easier the older they get...mine are 20, 17, and 13...and we're all still alive! LOL!!