Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Should Be SLeeping

...because I can't think of a catchier title. I'm title-less today.
I really don't want to whine - but I'm afraid I might
My day. ---> It was not pleasant.
Mini-E is teething hard. We know for sure the poor kids is getting 4 molars at once - but now we think we're seeing some 'Canines' poking starting to, as The Professor says, bubble up.
She got up at 3:30 this morning. She and The Professor can rock in the recliner and they can sleep. I can not and apparently, last night neither could MIni-E. She did everything in her power to stay awake. We don't tend to medicate the kids unnecessarily, so I never even considered giving her pain meds. (I will tonight, though) Anyway - I left her and the Prof. in the recliner and climbed back in bed with the instructions that he could come get me if she was still up in an hour or so. She never quieted down, she didn't go to sleep.

But when I hit the pillow, a "battlefield of the mind" hit me. With one forgotten memory. Goodness. I was shocked at the memory because it was recent, but for some reason hadn't remembered it. So I started to pray. But it was a tough battle.

I gave up on sleeping after Mini-E started crying again, but I was cranky. The "battle" had left me frustrated and cranky. Which is why, I do not think I gained victory in the battle. And poor Mini-E and I did not get along. She didn't want to sleep and I didn't just want to sit there. When she finally sat still on the floor and started falling asleep is when I tried to put her down. And then tried to sleep myself.

Needless to say, she's earned herself a trip to the pediatrician to make sure her ears are clear. We didn't do any schoolwork today, either. Which frustrates me, too. I want to be able to do it all. *LOL* How to homeschool with babies is something I need to reasearch more deeply, I guess. They can really throw a kink in your plans.

I'm much better mentally and spiritually than I was earlier in the day. I felt a change in the spiritual atmosphere (which sounds waaaaaay charismatic, I know) but after being under what seemed like a cloud all day, when it's gone, you feel the difference.

I certainly don't want to make the same mistakes I made today. And I love the fact that we never fail God's tests - we just get to have a do-over.

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Deena said...

I don't think it sounds charasmatic (sp) at all...I know exactly what you mean. We have a "person" in our family...whenever they come by the house, or stay for a lengthy visit...you can just feel the tension and heaviness in the air...but as soon as they are gone...life feels lighter...
Praise God you are that sensitive to the Spirit!! That rocks!