Monday, October 3, 2011

My kitchen windowsill

My windowsill

It started out innocently enough. I picked up a piece from the floor or counter and added it to my windowsill. I added it to see how long it would remain until someone noticed it. 

Then one day, J-man brought me 'Mario' and told me that the set needed to stay together. 

Then i realized how much this suited my personality. I've got the sentiments (coffee cup from a friend, flower from Hawai'i) I've got the bling. (sparkly flower, shiny rocks in a crystal vase (yes, it's crystal) The the whimsy in the crystal blocks....

My writing - is actually represented with the spork. That's also just for fun. 

Then there's the rest of it. My family. the cute little pig I bought randomly at the craft store... the bracelet hanging out of the cup...

It all adds up to one thing. 


Thought I'd share.

(I do find myself changing things around since J-man finally claimed his Mario set. No matter. ^_^ it's still me...and I have pictoral proof. )



TobyBo said...

I had to make the picture big to see the awesomeness of this post. You may have a meme here. Maybe I will dust my windowsill and take a picture, too. I am pretty sure the dust is not me... at least not a part I want to share. :-P

ComfyDenim said...

Toby, just don't look too closely...I didn't dust my vase of rocks. LOL