Monday, September 26, 2011

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

A book review by Mini-Me

Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes  by Jonathan Auxier  is about a blind boy who was found at sea by sailors when he was a baby. The sailors had no use for the found boy and were just going to leave him at their current port. The local law of the port town required the sailors to at least give the boy a name since the sailors wouldn’t take him in.  The sailors named him after an old forgotten nursery rhyme called “Peter Nimble.” 

Unwanted, Peter grew up in the streets of this port town becoming a great pickpocket and thief. He was a beggar by trade and a threat to the local market. ^_^ His nose could smell food from ten feet away. While Peter was still a little boy sitting in the streets a man named Mr. Seamus took him in.

What Peter didn’t know was that Mr. Seamus was a beggar monger. Mr. Seamus took in orphans and trained them to beg for coins and steal them for him. While Peter was stealing from a traveling merchant he found a really cool box, inside the box that contained three pairs of fantastic eyes. He touched the eyes and had what I would call a flash-back. Realizing he held eyes, he took a pair and put them in his eye sockets. 

The first time he put on the gold pair, he was transported to the Island of Professor Cake. There he realized Professor Cake had made the eyes for …. Peter!! Each pair of eyes did something different. The traveling merchant was actually…. Well, you’ll have to read that for yourself.

One of my favorite parts is when Peter meets a strange night named Sir Tode who was under a spell that had turned him into a cat and a horse mixed into one.

The bad guy is the king, who wasn’t really the king. He was a usurper. He put some form of spice in everyone’s food that made them sort of drunk. 

I really like the comedy, imagination and the part where Peter defeated the bad guy. It was a great book. I highly recommend it.  

A note from Me: I bought this book on a whim. Mini-me devoured it in just over 1 24-hour period. We did make her sleep. And eat. 

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Kelli said...

Sounds great! Very Oliver Twisty. I love books that you can read with the kids. :)