Thursday, October 27, 2011


The seasons change each ...well.. each season. We have the natural progression of seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 

Lather Rinse Repeat

The seasons of life, apparently, aren't quite so easy to predict.
The Laundry Pile is in a hard season. 
It's a pressing season.
It's a training season.

I've got some majorly dramatic children. I've got 4 world-changing individuals on my hands. And often they don't get along. It makes life very challenging. J-man is learning to deal with anger and frustrations. Mini-E has to learn not to annoy people to the point of anger. G-man has to know that it's NOT okay to be alone in the middle of a small house filled with 6 people and try to stand in the middle of his room. Mini-Me is just trying to walk on egg shells.

i don't like any of it. It's difficult work. 

The Professor is in a hard place, much like Joseph in Pharoah's prison. The work conditions suck -but unlike Joseph, The Professor doesn't seem to have much favor with the jailor. So that's also to be contended you know, Daddy's mood also effects the household just as much as the mommy's does.

All of this combines into extra work. 
It combines to wear against me, like sandpaper, until I feel fractious and emotionally drained. 

It's just the season and things will get better... They have to because God promised.
Keeping a hold that hope does...well, sometimes my grip seems really slippery. 

It's the season. I'm trying to hang on until it changes. Until that happens, this is really the only form of the phrase "this too shall pass" that I'll take. 

I know it'll pass. I just really want more to hold onto than a cliche.


Mrs Q said...

Love the clip. J-man and Mini-E remind me of when my oldest two boys were younger. My husband said that one of them had a very short fuse and the other had a very long match. Hang in there. :)

TobyBo said...

how on earth do you find this stuff? amazing clip.

all I have to offer at the moment is the feeling that things generally get to be cliches due to being true. And true is good.

Holly said...

Hugs to you! My dh went thru that kind of thing for a few years when he was transferred to a different unit. Last year he got transferred to yet another one where he'll stay & he's much happier. But, it was very, very really don't do well with disrespect(in it's many forms)-especially when they don't deserve it.
All my kids are dealing with different things, too. Your post was encouraging & I love your real-ness. Hang in there-you're right-it WILL get better. love, Holly

jugglingpaynes said...

I hope things improve soon. It takes a lot of work dealing with sibling rivalry. I used to lose and start explaining (shouting) at my kids that their dad and I aren't going to be around forever, so they better learn to get along with each other if they want to be close to their family. Yeah, I can dramatic too. :o) But I also have a bad relationship with my brother, and I don't want that to happen to them. How we treat each other in childhood does affect our future relationships. All I ask is that they love and respect each other.

Peace and Laughter,

jugglingpaynes said...

Lose "it". Sorry. Forgot to proofread!