Friday, April 9, 2010

Hues of Gray

I like the color Red. It has significant meaning in my heart. But so does Blue. Purple. Yellow. I like colors. I don't wear them all on my clothes, because I'm shaped much like Winnie the Pooh.

But I like them.

For this emo post, I'll use the color red.

Sometimes I feel like the color red in a black and white world.

If I put Red in a laundry load of whites - the whites might just be tinged with red dye. Leaving color splashes of pink.

But on the flip side, Red can become darker and even gloomy when washed in a load of dark blues or blacks.

I'd rather be the one spreading the color around...but sometimes it's just not meant to be. Sometimes the black and white world is just too black and white. I'm a dreamer. A romantic. An optimist. and sometimes the world just pecks on those things until I feel like that umbrella. The only bit of color. Solitary. In a world of black and white

Life pecks and pecks. Issues of the day abound.
and the color is sucked out....

I don't like hearing reality when I'm dreaming.
It actually hurts when I hear practicality when I'm romanticizing.
Being spouted by logic and news when I'm being optimistic can be wearying.

Wet blankets in hues of gray
Disillusionment at play
Why must the color fade
just to fit the world you've made?

Without the dreamers and the hopeful
What a sad lot you'd be
left alone in your dreary hues
of solemn colors you seem to choose.

Please don't pretend and don't deny
I can be red or blue as the sky
for I am a dreamer and quite the romantic

I can't make you see me
or change your ways

but I will leave you, mourning your lack
Leaving you solemn in your grays and black.


Classic MaMa said...

How is it that we always feel the same way? :)

Beautifully penned, my friend. Thanks for putting words to emotion.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Beautifully said! The Winnie the Pooh comment made me sputter and laugh though!

A Merry Heart said...

From one Pooh to another, I love color too! :o)

The Gang's Momma! said...

I'll be the Tigger to your Pooh, my friend. I just wish I was built like Tigger and had that much energy :)