Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My kids have a tendency to hoard. Like the stereo-typical dragon, hoarding treasure or bones (whatever is in season, I'm sure) my kids hoard. Toys. Dolls. Candy.

I let them have pretty much free rule over their rooms. I help clean up because the two little ones are just now getting where they can be beneficial to clean up. Not screaming and such. (This will probably be another chapter in the "Average Mom's Diaries". My kids don't always pick up their toys.) I don't think it's fair for the bigger kids to have to clean up the messes of the younger sibs. So I step in to help.

I have a few steadfast rules. "I want to be able to GET in your room and Get to your closet."

Okay. So that's really just one rule.

Even though I give them reign over their room, I have set up the cubbies so that all their things have homes. I tried to make this easy on them. Really. Still, I have to go in and throw away the trash, broken toys, wadded up pipe cleaners, ruined pirate spyglasses squashed paper towel tubes. That sort of thing.

In my cleaning out yesterday afternoon, I found this:
More importantly: Chocolate candy.
Christmas candy. Valentine Candy. Passover Candy.

J-man's sweet tooth is obviously not as potent as the other kids'. They have no candy left and have gone back to eating the candy in the pantry.

It's just sitting there in his room. And I found it.
I wonder how much of it is still good.  (The Banana Laffy Taffy was still quite good.)
'cause I may just have to find out about the rest of it. It could be a cleaner's fee.

He probably won't miss it.



CrossView said...

LOL! The hoarding. Oh my, the hoarding. My problem was the little fast food meal toys that all the relatives ever so graciously would send. LOTS of them. So I'd wait till the kids were asleep and sneak out a few here and there. Over time, it was manageable and no feelings were hurt. Though I often miss mine being little, I do NOT miss the "collections" that piled up... Wait! I do miss that part, too. But I'm okay that it's over....

TobyBo said...

you absolutely, definitely, no bones about it have earned the right to keep and eat all that stash.

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! Reminds me of when I decided to clean Sierra's bed. Who knew she could keep so much under one blanket? :o)

Peace and Laughter,