Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I was disappointed...

I admit it. I was disappointed when I went to bed last night.
I really went to bed wondering if I hadn't prayed enough. Wondering what God was up to. I do not understand why God would want the ideals in the White House that the president-elect brings to the office.
I still wondered what was going on this morning.

While I look with my eyes and wonder what's going on...
There are a few things that I don't wonder about.
God is still on the throne.
His Kingdom never has elections, he is always on the throne.
I am a citizen of His Kingdom.
His Word is TRUE. Prov. 21:1 is still true. Psalms 24 is still true.
I still love my country.
It's still the greatest country on the planet.

And this: I never have to wonder about this:


Halfmoon Girl said...

You've got the right perspective!

Mrs. Darling said...

We all wonder. But God knows and in Him we trust.

Dapoppins said...

Republicans and Values lost all down the line. It is very sad. And it is sad they so many are happy. I really don't get it. I know that the Lord is in control, and this man doesn't have a total free pass to hurt our country, but...but...I can't help but check to make sure all my lamps are ready.

CrossView said...

I wonder if it's so we have to rely on Him and not a man in office??!!

The video is beautiful!

pyrotechny said...

You're right! Thank you!