Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 Things I love

Halfmoon Girl passed this on to me. I'm very Grateful that she loves my blog.. we are a mutual admiration society of two. She's a true bloggy friend and we share similar quirks (and the love of quirks).

So What I'm supposed to do is type out 5 things that I love and then tag 5 people. I am notorious about tagging others, so we'll see how that goes.

Since it's the Holiday season, I decided to write 5 things that I love and am grateful for.

1. The Professor.
Seriously, I have to say that I'm most thankful for him. Monday night he came home and cooked dinner so I could go with my brother to see the new Bond movie. The Professor didn't want to go. Then tonight, he ran an errand and came home to find me crying over the pork chops. He asked what was wrong - and all I had to do was point at the radio (with music streaming forth) and he just went about his next task. I could continue on about how he works so I can stay home...but really, He loves me and thinks I'm beautiful. He's God's love on earth to me.

2. Indoor Plumbing.
The Professor's grandfather, now deceased, actually had an outhouse that he used until he could no longer get out there. We don't think of these things very often. I love indoor plumbing. I love that I can turn on the faucet and have water. I love that I don't have to boil water to make it clean. I don't have to boil water to make it hot to bathe in. And I love being able to flush a toilet..and stay inside to potty.

3. Talk Radio.
You can laugh if you want to, I thought of this today. I don't get to listen to Talk Radio a lot any more because I'm supposed to be teaching children when it's on the air. Nevertheless, I'm grateful that they're out there. I'm a Ditto-Head and a fan of Hannity. I admire what they do and the effort they take to do it.

4. Music.
I love music. I am a fan of Harry Connick, Jr. I like Norah Jones. I love the way BB King plays the guitar. I can get lost in the melodies of the classics. I love music.. we shall not get into a discussion as to what is music and what is not - I like what I like. As much as I love music...nothing makes my heart soar like Worship music. Nothing can take my eyes off of the world, the circumstance or myself faster than worship music. Worship music is how Holy Spirit sings over me. To be made to worship is a thrilling concept.

Finally - but not least ...

5. Grace.
God's grace. I am a mom in Grace.
Ya'll, without God's grace - I'm totally and completely nothing.

So there ya go..
5 things I love and am grateful for.

To tag 5 people I'll choose 5 blogs that I love --
with the understanding that there is no requirement to blog -- just sharing some lovin'...

Classic Mama
CoffeeMom (She's already played along...but I don't
Gang's All Here

I have more that I love - but had to narrow down to 5. So there's a sampling...I could list all the blogs that I love and all the things that I love but we'd be here too long and we all have more important things to do, I'm sure.


CrossView said...

Congratulations! =D

Love the list. Most especially the gratitude for indoor plumbing... LOL!

My Great Grandma had an outhouse. I hated using it when I was little. But that's 'cause it was Texas in the summer and you had to look for snakes....
Thank you, Lord, for indoor toilets!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hi, thanks for playing and being my buddy! Love your list. #1 had my eyes watering- what a great match. Indoor plumbing- definitely fabulous. Talk radio- our closest local station drives me nuts as it is so liberal, but sometimes I still try to listen, cause I like talk radio too. Totally with you on music. Grace- oh, that was a good one. Where would we be without it????? Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! BTW, you rebel- making Kathleen do it twice!!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Darn you quirky friend for tagging me again! I will do it again, but only becuase it is you who has asked me to. Everyone else can forget it!

melanie said...

What a nice list!! The professor sounds like an amazing man.

KarenW said...

I like talk radio too. My dh has a subscription to Rush's site and we can listen to it whenever we want. Enjoyed your list. I think I was also tagged by halfmoongirl. I need to catch up!

Dapoppins said...

I haven't listened to as much talk radio either...the kids just don't seem to work very well when they are trying to listen to Rush!

Mrs. Darling said...

I never really think about indoor plumbing when I count my blessings but you are so right. I need to remember to thank God for it too. LOL

Classic MaMa said...

:) I will do my best...I already know that I love my bloggy friend Comfy Denim :)

appleleaf said...

That's a great list. Indoor plumbing sure is great. Norah Jones & Harry Connick Jr. are certainly attractive looking people, as well as being great musos. I'm sure the Professor appreciates your gratitude. And I'll get working on that list of my own.