Saturday, February 2, 2013

Revisiting Childhood friends

We don't do a lot of TV around here.

I should quantify that statement.

We used to watch a lot of TV. Then we had kids who became aware of things being said and done on the TV. By that time, we'd already begun the process of buying VHS tapes of our favorite programs.


And we had no Cable/ Satellite provider.

Then the government went and took away our 'normal' antenna and replaced it with that digital stuff. The digital conversion. The one where we were all supposed to go get the conversion box. Remember that? Goodness what a trip that was.

The fun part they didn't bother to tell you was that - you probably wouldn't get all the same channels anymore. Unless, of course, you got a cable provider.

We didn't.
We have game systems set up on both our TV's. So tv viewing really isn't going to happen on the TV schedule. Sure. There's that whole 'DVR' thing... but with shows on the internet and DVD, why bother with it?

At least that's the question we asked ourselves.

However, we do find ourselves with limited provisions should the desire to watch a TV show arise among one of us. Especially the children. It's got to be something we approve of - and I have to enjoy watching it. If the show irritates me, It's going to be trashed. You can ask G-man about the TV show Sonic Underground and their squeaky/whiney voices. He can't watch it when I'm around.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. We got Netflix thanks to the recommendation of a very good friend. It plays over the PS3. That's been nice to have. It is limited, though.

But I've noticed one thing of late - that's the emergence of older shows to DVD.

Shows like the A-Team. Magnum PI. Due South. MacGyver.

Bringing those into the house has been like visiting with old friends.
It's amazing how many of the episodes I remember.
I'm on the look out for more to come out on DVD - because we can't be the only ones out there wanting visits from these old friends.

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