Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Every. Single. Time.

This is what happens when someone asks me "What's new?"

It doesn't matter how the question might be reworded - there is that 'mind-blanking' moment. The kind you only get when the words 'pop quiz' are uttered.

Forget the fact that ...

I might be broke.

The windshield is cracked.

The dog ate the trash.

That J-man's reading is improving.

That Mini-E writes with scary accuracy. (Seriously, she's 7 and writes better than the 14 year old)

Oh, yeah. The birthday for the 7 year old is tomorrow - she'll finally be 7.)

Then there's the: New stories in my head.

The fact that I saw a funny movie. (Pitch Perfect) and a lovely movie -  The Hobbit (proof that dwarves can be "Hawt.")

That I just discovered the show Once Upon a Time.

The boys are building worlds after worlds on Minecraft.

Valentine's day marks the 16th anniversary of my meeting the Professor.

Then there's the secret stuff - like...

    We have another job opportunity.

     we got no snow this winter and I'm really disappointed..

      I haven't been sleeping well.

      I'm glad I'm not pregnant - but writing about pregnant women makes my hormones rampage. It's weird.

and the not-so secret stuff

I bought Kat Martin's book at Target instead of Barnes and Noble.

I just discovered Marie Hall's Kingdom Series. And I've loved the books to the point of - well, it was like eating the whole cake.

But you ask me 'What's new?" and ...

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