Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get up and Go-Go - Oh, No - Part 2

I was awakened Wednesday morning to the sound of my two youngest fighting. Oddly, J-man was pounding on a desk. Mini-E was snuggled up on the couch with her blanket. She wanted to play her Dora game on the console. J-man, who knows how to turn everything on, refused. 

He said, "All I wanted was a peaceful morning and that didn't include watching her play Dora!"

I stared at him. 
I was awakened for this? He's playing a computer game. So it's not like he was being forced to watch. 

"you're kiddin' me, right?"

Unfortunately, he was not kidding. 

So we had to have a long talk because I thought it was silly that people watched him play his game...and he was protesting LOUDLY about hers. 

I managed to get a shower in before the phone call came. 
To fix the van was going to cost just over $1,800. Let me tell you... there were tears. 

Apparently what had happened - was the pressure gauge on the AC blew, sending shards into the A/C system. So the air pressure I found WAS real - it was just the pressure gauge.
And they dye the A/C coolant. 
Now I know. 

When they called to give me the news, I didn't have the forethought to inquire if the heater would be usable. I didn't think about this until later.  If it had been, we could have just driven with the windows down.

And Ice packs in our shirts. (That's from Mini-Me.)

A new car, even a new-to-us car, isn't in the budget.

So we'll be working on keeping a very tight budget until it's cleared off of OUR docket.

and of course, since I wanted to cry, things were doubly hard. Lots of shouts of 'unfair' happened until I just wanted a house with four towers so I could lock them in their towers. 

G-man and Mini-E were playing and he accidentally gave her a black eye. That was far more excitement than she was wanting. So she cried for a good twenty minutes..

Maybe I'm the one who needs the tower. 

Lymm Water Tower House

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