Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading ....

One of the things a writer MUST do is Read. I've heard this many times over. MANY MANY Times. I usually have a problem with reading WHILE I'm writing. Namely - Comparison.  I tend to compare what I write to what I've been reading. Let me tell you -- some days I just want to quit. 

Then part of me doesn't want to try to copy what I'm reading. 

I realized - It's all relative. And it's all excuses.

I love reading. I love writing. sometimes I try to do them at the same time. If I hit a snag in typing- I'll pick up a book. THat's how I managed my NaNo back in November. It was me and "JD Robb" sitting in the quiet, dark house trying to figure out how a shape shifter would manage life. 

There's a problem with that plan, though. 
sometimes the book at hand is FAR more interesting than the transition from point A to point B *my* character might be attempting. 

It's much easier to read, than it is to write. 

On a similar but rather different note - I've been reading Stephen King's book "On Writing" and enjoying it. He used himself as an example and claims that he makes a goal of how many books he's going to read. 

I wonder if he has a Kindle or a Nook. Maybe an iPad. There's no telling. It was a random Question anyway. Still, if he stumbles upon my minor blog, I'd like to have an answer. Just because I'm curious.

I have a Kindle. I got it for Christmas.
I wasn't sure I'd like it - but I do. My favorite form of book is still actual paper. 
It's more difficult to read the end of the book on a Kindle.

What brought all this up, you ask? Besides my random thought patterns...
Let me tell you...

We've been doing the 'summer reading' program through our library. You know the sort. Read a certain number of books and you get a medal. Read an even greater number of books and you win a prize. This year's prize is an inflatable Jet plane. I can't WAIT to see that bouncing around my house. The sarcasm is implied. Oh. Who am I kidding? It'll be fun. ESPECIALLY since there will be THREE of them. I refuse to play "air traffic controller."

Mini-Me has hit the grade level for the teen program. AND lo!!! Our small library has a small section of "Teen" books. Of course, it's filled with fantasy and paranormal fantasy books. BUT There are Mysteries, too.

Mysteries are Mini-Me's favorite. 

She's discovered the Sammy Keyes series. She will come laughing to me with parts she has considered hilarious. She'll tell me all about the bad guy and the antics of the heroes. 

One book she didn't think she would like was "Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders" - I rather insisted that she give it a try. She fought me because she didn't think it sounded good. A chef?? Then she read that Neil's parents read to him from cook books when he couldn't sleep. I think she was hooked. She devoured it (pun. HA!) and was glad she read it. So glad that she was interested to learn there was a sequel.

Another author she wants more of is Blue Balliett. She started with "Chasing Vermeer" and went from there. 

She's enjoyed these books so much that the American Girl mysteries she'd read and loved have lost interest for her. It's a fun progression to watch for this mom who remembers with much fondness her absolute love of mysteries. 

G-man has discovered a love of the personalities in History. Marco Polo was the latest one.

J-man and Mini-E just have a love of books.

Me?? I've devoured Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn, Robyn Carr and Kerrelynn Sparks. (It comes from being a romantic who was writing a romance.)  (and my absolute love of characters.) 

And, I admit this, I love quick reads. If I'm entertained, I'm happy. Regaining my lost vocabulary is a happy coincidence.

On my 'to read pile' are JD Robb, Lee Child, Mark Greaney, William Dietz (who, incidentally, spent a lot of time on The Professor's Kindle while The Prof. was traveling), John Flanagan, Charlaine Harris and ... LOTS of others. I'm a biblioholic and not bothered by this distinction at all. I've learned to stop reading if I want to A) slap the main character until they snap B) find myself thinking it's a good time to scrub the shower. 

I coined my own phrase, allow me to quote myself: "Life is too short to read bad books and waste good dreams"

Happy Sigh

Now - what about you?
What are you reading?

'cause I might want to read it. 


dunlizzie said...

Well you know me friend, and I love to read! And I am a fast reader which is good, because I often end up getting these cheesy novels that are fun, but I would feel guilty if I spent more than and hour or two on them. Conscience about time and awareness of intelligent lit would never allow. Like made-for-TV movies, the cute ones - you love them while they are on, but wouldn't feel right to recommend them as quality films. But truth is, they are fun, and life has too much tragedy and heaviness to stay serious all the time. And there are places to find them free if you can't go to the library - like Christianbook.com does some free e-books. It's a small cheese-filled selection but it changes around and can be fun.
I do like the ones that have a little mystery or suspense to them too.

Paula Vince said...

I love reading too. I always like to say it has to be something with a good perfect balance of reflection and action. At least a touch of romance is almost essential. I love that quote at the end and would like to jot it down to share.

Paula Vince said...

Me again. Just re-read down the bottom for your list of recommendation. Would that extend to what I am writing? Did you ever read the book I sent you a few years ago? I'd actually like to recommend "Best Forgotten" my most recent because I had so much fun writing it.
I was wondering if your children would like to read my "Quenarden" fantasy adventure trilogy. If they'd be willing to write a review for me, I'd love the first book of the series in the post, gratis :D

Anonymous said...

Just finished Angel Sister by Ann H.Gabhart. Yummy read! :o)

This is the first year in 10 years that The Kid didn't want to do the summer reading program. Her favorite librarian wasn't teaching creative writing, so The Kid opted out. :o(