Thursday, June 23, 2011

July? Excuse me?

But ... isn't it just June 2nd? or 3rd?


I see it's not. The little calendar on the bottom corner of my computer screen mocks me with the date if I happen to put my mouse pointer over it. The month of June is soon to fade away and I'm not entirely certain I have much to show for it. I certainly had planned to get more accomplished. Isn't that always the way, though?

I've read scads of books. To myself and to the kids.

I've sent scads of query letters - in turn I've received scads of form rejections. Which means I'm needing my "I don't suck" file.

I've watched the kids splash in our soft sided pool. I got my first sunburn. I thought, "I won't need sunscreen. I won't be out there very long." I was wrong. Luckily, it wasn't bad. It just stung a bit.

We've watched "Wild Kratts" and we've been amused.

I had a birthday. I really need to work on that list on the sidebar. Here's part of what I received....

Birthday Bounty from my mother-in-law
My brother, Uncle Kick-butt, maintains that rock music tends to be about three things: Drugs, Sex and Money. I would offer that occasionally there's friendship and love lost. If there wasn't love lost we wouldn't have country music or the blues. That said, Bruno Mars (The yellow disc in the picture) really likes to sing about sex. I mean ... REALLY. Like I can't let the kids listen to the CD because they'd UNDERSTAND what he was talking about. Most songs, when talking about sex generally use innuendo. Not Mr. Mars. 

The Professor and I once attended a stage show at our local Ren Faire. The couple made a statement that we laughed over. We laughed because there was such wisdom in the statement and because it amused us. "If your children get the innuendo - it's NOT OUR FAULT." Mr. Mars....doesn't hide his innuendo well. 


June saw G-man's 11th birthday. 

I got all sorts of music- he got Legos. The dude likes his legos. 

June will wrap up with The Professor's 42 birthday. It's an important number around here. He wants to go out to eat with the family and then head to the movies. With all of us. We don't do that since last time. Did I tell you about the time Mini-E stuffed her mouth so full of popcorn she nearly hurled in the theater? After was not fun because she didn't want to obey. I decreed that she wasn't going back to a theater until she was 6. 

J-man responded, "That's harsh." 

The professor is allowed to change the rules. It's his birthday.

June is hurrying by. I'm not going to hang onto the coat tails - but I'm going to try to enjoy the time we've got left in the month.


jugglingpaynes said...

Sounds to me like you fit scads of activity into June! But that's me. I'm a slacker. ;o)

Peace and Laughter!

The Woman said...

Happiest of birthday wishes all around! :o)

S*X? Egads. *Blush*

I hate rejection forms. I like my rejection to be more personal. ;o)

The Gang's Momma! said...

Sigh. No big projects done here either. Just keeping up with the regular routine seems to be sucking all my brain energy. Therefore, to answer the question in your last post, I'm reading nothing intelligent or noteworthy. Too tired by the end of the day.

BUT... I am editing a fabulous book by a new, up and coming writer. So good. And such loveable characters. Swoony, really.


TobyBo said...

bad news... it is over half past July already. The summer days are coming to an end faster than I want to think.