Thursday, August 13, 2009

An odd song to start the day with...

I grew up listening to an odd collection of music.
Classics and chamber music.
Big Band and swing.
Oldies Rock.
Show tunes.
Some Blues because my dad liked BB King.
Some country - because one of the favored albums in the house was Willie Nelson's "Red-Headed Stranger"

So I have an odd collection of musical memories. I don't really mind. Until "I shot the sheriff" gets stuck in my head.

Yesterday was an odd sort of day. It started in an odd sort of way.

Remember when I said that I had that awesome song Newsboys song came to me in the shower??
It didn't happen twice in a row.

Yesterday, when I rolled over in bed I heard the lyric....

"The night they drove Old Dixie down and all the bells were ringin'..."

Excuse me?? What's that??

I know God talks to me through music. Especially music in the morning.

But I haven't quite figured out if that song was because
God was having fun (because He does that),
sending a message (he does that, too) ,
or the MP3 player in my head shuffled because I rolled over (a thought that amuses me because some MP3 players are motion sensitive nowadays).

I haven't figured it out. I'll have to ponder it for a while... until I figure it out...I guess I'll sing along... I mean, what else can I do until the Mp3 player shuffles again??

Na, na, na, na, na...


The Gang's Momma said...

LOL - I love the way your mind works. The only things shuffling around in my head when I wake up are "Oh no" and "Already? Seriously?" Occasionally, if my body stays relaxed and rested past 7:30, I get an "Oh yeaaaaaaaaah." ;)

TobyBo said...

but I didn't shoot no deputy....