Friday, December 5, 2008

Product of Link Hopping...

I link hopped and "virtually stumbled" upon this video.
It's not to everyone's liking, I'm sure, but I like it. It's my blog and I am absolutely enthralled by it.
Therefore - I post it here.

New Creation from Pace Hartfield on Vimeo.


Growin' with it! said...

my thoughts:
LOVE his voice, who is this guy?
those drums and the stuff flipping on them are cool.
what in the world..why are they painting him?
oh his mother is gonna be ticked.
hope she has tide and spraywash
okay, linda focus on the WORDS.
so true, God i love you and i'm glad you made me new!
hmm, maybe that woman on his right is his mother.
oh i GET IT!! they're painting him and it's that blacklight kind so at the end they'll turn the lights on and you won't see it?
more beautiful words, cool melody.
gotta look this guy up!
here's the end...get ready. WHAT no lights on and paint disappearing like i thought?
oh, hmm.. maybe its about the words and the message of what God is doing in my life.

and lastly...i'm glad my blog friend posted this and i'm glad i took the time to watch.

Our Peculiar Life said...

that's very cool. I thought the same thing as Linda about the end. But I loved the music and the glitter on the drums!

CrossView said...

I, to, was waiting for the end with a blacklight kind of thingy... But the song is beautiful and I love his voice!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Ha, Linda is making me smile with her analyzing. I have 3 thoughts: loved the flippy drum stuff, the paint illustrated the new creation point well, and #3: He is obviously not a ticklish person- I would have been on the floor if that was me. My hubby would have been crying and calling mercy. but, maybe we are an overly ticklish family. See, here you try to share something deep and meaningful, and some smartbutt like me makes comments like this!

Poopsie said...

Really, Comfy, I have to say I can see why this touched your heart, and want to thank you for sharing. I really like the lights and the drums, the set up, the lyrics, the music, and though I would not choose to be painted, even that part. How amazing he can sing while being painted. Me, i am like Jane, way too ticklish, that I would likely be on the floor.
Beautiful. I want to repeat: I think this was beautiful.

40winkzzz said...

That is pretty cool. I need to show it to my 13-y/o. You are probably right that some people wouldn't like it, but my perspective comes as a mom of teenagers (who are not as sheltered as I would have preferred them to be): Christian artists need to stay cutting-edge & techno or they will lose Christian teenagers to the secular artists who are.

I love the imagery here, and I think God enjoys creative expression like this!

Vicki said...

Weeeeeeellll Girly....First you caught me with the 'but I like it. It's my blog and I am absolutely enthralled by it." I like that! So many times, I have something to say (or vent) and I don't because even though 'it's my blog', I get caught up in the 'if it's not their taste' thingy. I couldn't sleep last night due to over thinking my thoughts on 'Morel Compass', the thoughts I thunk. :-D

Second, Linda said it well, lol. I liked everything except the tempo. I NEED a fast beat to keep my attention. Swing, two-step, PickinandaGrinnin, Techno, Cyber-rock... (I know, I know, I need help...)

TobyBo said...

cool but now I feel the need for a shower. That bit with him getting his neck painted made me itchy all over.

Livin' Life said...

That's really cool! I have actually seen something similar done in clubs and clubbing so it's awesome to see the church taking back creativity for the Lord. For someone like me who didn't always know the Lord it's so great to see the church taking back this mountain of arts. I feltt rejected by the church because of being an artist way back when but now they are allowing the arts to come back to church. It is great!

the Underdog said...

I would have to think this is the last song of the concert or that guy would need an intermission for a shower. The drum thing is similar to something that Blue Man Group does in one of their shows. Comfy, I think you should approach the worship leader at your church about doing something just like this on a future Sunday. :)