Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Sara, atButterville hosted a "Show off Your Tree" event on her website. Linda, at Growin' with it, decided to host a Show-me your tree on her Blog....with the promise of caramel..

Pardon me while I drool.

I'm too late to play along in the give-away, but I promised I'd post pics of my tree. My problem came when I didn't plan on feeling really crummy yesterday.

Our tree has not a great story behind it.
We have the tree that we have purely out of necessity.

First of all it's plastic. I feel no shame about it, either. It's plastic, plastic, plastic - and metal and wood.

The Professor is allergic to real trees...and Christmas is too special to ruin with asthma attacks.

One year we had a really nice big tree. That was before we had J-man the Wookie and long before Mini-e. Come to think of it, I think we got the tree and the Cat at the same time.

Then we didn't have a tree for a year? Or was it two? ...because we had little kids, a cat - and no SPACE whatsoever for a big tree.

Last year I decided to try to find a tree, because the kids wanted a tree. So I chose this little guy and set it on the piano. It worked out great. We stacked the gifts under the tree, it was cute.

This year - we had decorating issues. Our lights didn't want to work. For whatever reason, we didn't get new ones and we're lightless.

I stumbled across the love of blue and silver quite by accident and I really like it. I had bigger plans - but when space became an issue, I scaled down and have opted to go totally blue and silver. I like it. It's very royal and still goes with a denim life style.

Several years ago, we decided that we'd collect snowmen. Which is great, except now I'm constantly on the look out for ones that go well with our blue & Silver theme. One day, we'll have more space to diversify. Until then... having limits keeps me from buying all sorts of snowmen we don't need and probably won't want.

Our Tree topper:

Here's a close up of our current ornaments.
It looks really nice, I think.

Yes, my Christmas paper is Blue & Silver.

So that's our Christmas Tree and decorations. I'm not wrapping a lot of the Kids Christmas presents this year. The Toy Packaging is just too much when there's 4 kids waiting for the evil twisty ties and extra tape to be The Professor and I will put in a movie on Christmas Eve, put toys together and remove them from the toy packaging -- and celebrate the blessings that God gave us in our 4 kids (and their toys).

Hope you enjoyed looking at our Tree - and the rambling telling of my Christmas Eve plans.


A&EMom said...

I like the blue and silver! Our tree is under attack. Houston thinks the ribbon should be dangling off the tree and E re-arranges the ornaments daily. Surprisingly, A leaves the tree alone... but only the tree. Everything else is hers, all hers (insert mad laugh here).

Mrs. Darling said...

Love that little tree topper. Hey, I have five trees and they are all fake. I make no apologies either. LOl
You need to add yours to my Mr Linky. I know you already particiapted in one but pretty please do mine now? There I knew you would! :)

jugglingpaynes said...

I love your little Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

I wrote about our tree, but it's not up yet. At the rate I'm going, I might get around to it by Christmas Eve. :o)

Hehe! Toy packaging. The plastic they use is the hardest substance known to man. Last year I never though I would free the CD player Marina got without mangling my hand.

Peace and Laughter!

Classic MaMa said...

Oh my goodness. I have to take a picture of OUR tree to show you. Why? Because I think we have THE SAME tree. I'm not kidding. It's three feet tall and on top of the TV because I don't want Bubba to climb it.

Of course it's the same. It would have to be. Oh, and all of the little balls on our tree are silver and blue. Of course! I'm getting the camera out...

Growin' with it! said...

i had no idea so many people were allergic to christmas trees. it has surely made me feel better to be among the many with fake trees this year. and i am VERY impressed you have presents underneath already. way to go!

TobyBo said...

we are treeless this year and that is fine with me.

I like the blue and silver and the reasons it works for you.

The main reason I came over tonight is that Arby (sure do miss his blog) stopped by and left a link for you about where the white goes when snow melts:


Dapoppins said...

I love your know I tried to do that with wrapping paper, then someone always brings home a huge roll of the cartoony kind...!

call*me*kate said...

I think your tree looks very nice! I like the color combination and the wrapping paper adds a nice touch.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!