Monday, April 14, 2008

Look out world, He's 4!

April 5th was a great day.

My uncle got married on April 1. (Yes, he really did.) And it was a great thing. We like his wife and we gathered to celebrate this great and auspicious occasion. Then after that -- it was time to really celebrate!!

It was J-man's birthday!
Birthday #4!!
I had a brilliant idea to make him a Spider man cake. I had seen the candy spidey head decorations. Well, next time I have that great idea - I really need to have it before Midnight the night before the birthday.

I went to the store to find the candy decorations. I went to the second store. Nothing.
At the second store, I bought the letters. And some red icing. And made my own cake.I thought it looked pretty good after all. Some candy sprinkles for the spots on the spider's -- and the best part came later. Someone at church asked him what kind of cake he had. J-man told them, "A spider man cake!"


I took him to church and dropped him off at his class this last wednesday and his teacher said, 'You know, he is very blessed."

I just smiled and said, "Yeah, he is."

He's always been that way. He's got an amazing amount of God-favor on him - and he has since he was born. So it's just fun to hear others say something about it. It's funny to see how much he's grown, and how big he's gotten. He's had a huge brainial growth spurt (I just made that word up.) He's getting more independent and testing all sorts of boundaries.

Just today he asked if we could teach him how to play the Wii. ;-) We'll see. I'm having a hard enough time beating Mini-me at bowling, I'm not sure I could take it if I got beat by my 4 year old.

I cut his straw today and he said, "But mom, I'm a big boy. See? I have big hands."
Note to self - don't cut his straw anymore.

At the same time he's growing up -- he's still quite little, too.
last night, we came home late and I was getting him in his jammies.
He informed me, "I a sleepy boy."

Just melt my heart.

So now he's 4.
A new stage in our adventure. It's gonna be fun!


Becky said...

They say the sweetest things. I am so glad you have such a treasure in your little boy. You are blessed too!!!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Dapoppins said...

My daughter turned 4 in Feb. I told her not to, but she went ahead and did it anyway.

Great cake!

Tracy said...

Cool cake! I love 4. They are still so yummy and a little babyish. At five they kinda lose that.

We just got a Wii yesterday. My boys want me to play. I am not too interested. I am just excited for them.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Too cute! And yeah - you are all blessed . . .

It caught my eye: "I cut his straw" - do you mean drinking straws so they can drink without turning their cups over on their sides? I remember those days - the boys loved it when The Boss would pull out his little Swiss Army knife mini tool and cut their straws. Aaaaaaww . . . .

appleleaf said...

He's gorgeous!
Blake turned 4 on March 26th but he didn't have a cake as good as J-Man's! Little boys do melt your heart. In fact, reading your post about J-man makes me want to go and hug Blake.

KarenW said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? Great cake!

jugglingpaynes said...

Happy birthday J-man!

And that is a gorgeous Spidey cake, Comfy!

Peace and Laughter,

Our Peculiar Life said...

What an awesome cake! You did great!!! Happy Birthday J-Man!!