Thursday, June 21, 2012


Nope, can't see.

This was seen yesterday. That's at least four stocking caps. He's not padding his cranium. He's blocking his eyes so he can't see.

He wanted to move around the house without seeing. He was using his light saber as a 'cane' to help him maneuver through the obstacles. He took it all off in order to make a trip to Sam's Club. (Which in retrospect, he didn't have to.)

When we got home, he put it all back on.

This time I upgraded his saber to a long smooth stick. (The closest thing we had to a cane.)

Then I asked him questions.

He made two observations - Dogs and cats are dangerous to an unseeing person and it's kind of hard to go to use the potty.

He decided it would take practice.

He also noticed that a blind person depends on hearing.

And a neat house.

LOL  - Yeah. That won't happen around here.

It was fun watching him gain a new perspective. 
Can't always teach that.

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TobyBo said...

I am glad you blogged this memory. Great smile on that boy. :)