Thursday, April 16, 2009


Do you ever have that moment when your thoughts are so scattered you need a broom to at least get them in one spot?

That's how I feel at the moment.

Shaggy the dog has licked and licked on his paw and it was pink, then red and getting redder. So I carted him and the kids to the vet. Mini-E decided to try all sorts of boundaries while there. We discovered that Shaggy has a yeast infection in his ears. And his paw issue could be ---

seasonal allergies.

I kid you not.

I left the vet's office with a bottle of ear drops and a list of instructions.

I got the bottle out to administer the drops to his ears - he bolted out of the doggie door!!!

Neat Trick!!!

I tried again today - he bolted outside.
I had to tackle him.


Took the kids shoe shopping. Both the littler kids needed shoes.
They had one shoe choice for Mini-E. I was really glad that it was cute.

The salesperson told J-man that she would go see what she had for him.
He told her, "I a boy. I want boy shoes."

I just smiled. You tell 'em. She grinned and brought back two pair.
One pair looked just like G-man's shoes. And the other were blue with red and white striping.
He tried them on and the Sales Lady told him to try them out.
G-man suggested that he run around in them.
J-man did.
He ran in a circle and announced, "I got my speed back!"
Shoes sold.


Our Resurrection Party didn't go as I had hoped.
I wanted to hide puzzle pieces in the kids eggs. The goal would be to find all the eggs and put the puzzle together.

The puzzle pieces for the little kids would not fit in their eggs. So I made tiny flash cards for them.

The big kid puzzle pieces fit alright, but G-man couldn't quite put his puzzle together. All the white in the Clone Trooper armor looked alike.

Mini-Me stuck to it and got her puzzle together --- but it took her a while.
She is pleased to tell people that she "played by the rules"

Next year's party will be different.
Puzzles, if any, will be in the party bags. Not in the eggs.


Yesterday, I almost rear-ended a strange little car in front of me because their brake lights weren't working. I pulled into the drive way and my neighbor came to tell me that one of MY brake lights were out.

The Professor pulled the cover off and took the bulb out and headed off to the auto part store - while I was cooking dinner.

In the meantime, Outook Express locked up the computer and it didn't shut down right and took forever for the system to reboot.

The Professor returned with a new brake light and quickly installed it.

It didn't work.

We'll have to have the mechanic to look at it. He said that sometimes the whole connection burns out when the bulb does.


Outlook Express apparently can get corrupted e-mail folders.
But not matter how many times I had Windows search for the file folder and extension, It could not be found. I stayed up until 1am looking for it. I tried to download Mozilla Thunderbird to use instead of Outlook Express. But the corrupted files in Express corrupted Thunderbird's importing the files. Drats.

This morning, I Googled again and found exactly where to look for the corrupted files - and got them deleted. Outlook Express is working fine now. But I can't seem to get all of Thunderbird off of my computer. I'd really like to try using it again - but it won't stop remembering my previous settings and such.


The Professor is traveling (surprise!!!) tomorrow.


I lost my temper seriously with the kids today when they seriously lost their composure on life and their cool. I am not always the best example for my kids. I just hope they remember the good stuff and not the bad and that they learn to love Jesus despite of me.


Oh, and if you see Murphy -- the one with all the laws --- let him know I'm looking for him. And I'm locked and loaded.


CrossView said...

What great reading as you shared those scattered thoughts! Sorry for the bummer times but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. =P

Except for losing it with my kids. I'm perfect and so are they.

Ok, I can relate to that as well! ;o)

A&EMom said...

Amen Sister! (Murphy)

I'm really impressed with your shoe experience - that's generally my "lose it" trigger!

appleleaf said...

Wow, Murphy's Law alright! I'm so sorry those puzzle pieces didn't fit in the eggs because it was such a great idea!
Shoe shopping is never fun (remember I had recent experience too). Vet visits are dreadful, especially when you're talking about delicate repeated treatments like that. And to have travelling hubbys on top of a list like this... And nobody from the older generations would understand the sheer frustration of computer problems.
It's no wonder you lost your temper, although you record this with your usual wit.


The Gang's Momma said...

Yeah. Uh, too many days like that. Too many in a row, that is. Great post :)

Actually, great five last posts. I am finally catching up (again, grateful for Barney on Demand!) and all of it was delightful, entertaining, and insightful. Loved the birthday post. :)

The Gang's Momma said...

Oh yeah. Murphy called. He wants his law back.

Mother Mayhem said...

Hug? HUG.

The Old Gray Mare said...

I love your shoe shopping story!

We once had a 13 lb. black tomcat who had to visit the vet. After he got loose, literally ran up the walls, and bit the vet through his leather gloves, he was diagnosed with a respiratory infection due to allergies. Who knew?

I hope you get your computer issues resolved. That in and of itself is enough to drive a person bonkers.

melanie said...

My dog also gets yeast infections in her ears- she has long floppy ears and the moisture gets caught in there. And she licks her paws until they turn red too- we have medicine that we have to keep on them all of the time for her allergies. Crazy, isn't it!!

40winkzzz said...

so now that i am on facebook, i find myself wishing that blogs had a "like this" option so i could just hit that and not feel like i have to come up with some meaningful comment.

so, consider this post "liked". :-)